Cyclepath signpost

Walking or cycling around Cornwall

Reducing single occupancy car use is an excellent way to relieve congestion in Cornwall's towns and improve air quality.

Pollution episodes coincide with the morning and evening rush hours so by choosing to walk or cycle to work or school you can dramatically improve air quality. Research has proven that pollution concentrations accumulate inside your car, particularly when stuck in traffic, so walking or cycling is much better for your health, the environment as a whole and your wallet!

The CAQF have produced a FREE school travel plan poster that can be downloaded here and stuck on your notice board.

Walking to work and school

It is estimated that 70% of adults are not getting enough exercise and that the proportion of children travelling to school by car has increased by 27% since 1999. Walking to work or school is an excellent way of getting exercise, reducing stress and saving money. WalkingWorks is a great website that gives advice on planning routes and safety and Walking the way to Health highlights the health benefits.

In a recent DfT survey, 90% of teachers considered that walking or cycling to school improves a child's alertness and readiness to learn. Walking School Buses are a good way of encouraging children to walk to school whilst Cornwall County Council and Sustrans aim to increase safety awareness through their 'Safer Routes to School' campaigns.


Please follow the links highlighting the health benefits of cycling and advice for riding around Cornwall at Cornwall County Council's cycling advice page and CyclingCornwall.