Cornwall Air Quality Forum

Information must be compiled (desktop technical study) on the potential impacts of specified industrial processes in the LA area. Additionally an assessment must be made of the air pollution effects related to traffic (based on monitored traffic flows) and any other significant sources of pollution in and around the LA area.

In practice this requires,

  1. A desktop assessment of the air pollution effects of all IPC (Integrated Pollution Control – ‘Part A’ processes) and LAAPC (Local Authority Air Pollution Control – ‘Part B’ processes) authorised processes in the area.
  2. A comparison of traffic flow statistics in the LA area with DETR guidelines.
  3. Consideration of any identified source of pollution which is not covered by IPC or LAAPC authorisation
  4. A review of (1) – (3) every four years.

    If the first stage review and assessment identifies potential air pollution ‘hotspots’ the LA must move on to a second stage review and assessment.


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