Travel Plans

Creating a Travel Plan for your organisation is one way to improve your environmental credentials. Schools, community groups and clubs can also create a Travel Plan to reduce costs and improve your communities environment.

If you own or manage a business, doing such things as encouraging CarShare schemes, subsidising public transport, providing MP3 players for staff to use when walking to work or bike lockers will encourage staff to use alternatives to their car. Walking or cycling to work improves alertness and reduces stress within the workplace.

The links below provide uesful resources to implementing Travel Plans in your organisation:

The Government aims to have Travel Plans implemented by all schools by 2010. Schemes such as Walking School Buses and Safer Routes to Schools aim to reduce the reliance on children being dropped to school by car. In a recent DfT survey, 90% of teachers considered that walking or cycling to school improves a childs alertness and readiness to learn. A FREE schools Travel-Plan poster can be downloaded here.

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