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If using your car is unavoidable then below are some tips on maintaining your car and driving techniques, the Save More Than Fuel is an interactive website highlighting good driving techniques and car maintenance

Car Maintenance

Making sure your car is well maintained improves fuel efficiency, maintains the value of your car and is much better for air quality and the environment.

Checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis, ensuring you use the right oil for your vehicle and that it is is serviced when required will improve your car’s performance.

Removing excess weight and roof racks/boxes and combining short journeys will also increase your fuel efficiency.

Driving Techniques

Paying more attention to the way you drive your vehicle can also improve air quality and save you money.

Techniques such as accelerating gently, approaching traffic lights slowly to keep your car moving, sticking to speed limits and turning your engine off if you’re stationary for more than a minute will all improve fuel efficiency and air quality.

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