Carrick District Council



Continuous Monitors: 1

Monitoring Outline: Continuous monitoring on Tregolls Road and ongoing diffusion tube monitoring along the Highertown corridor and Tregolls Road

Carrick EHO Contact:
Mark Hitchens

An extensive programme of air quality monitoring began in Truro in 2000. The current monitoring programme encompasses the areas of Tregolls Road and Highertown with a continuous monitor situated near Trafalgar roundabout.

Pollution ‘hotspots’ centred on areas of heavy traffic congestion in Truro are currently exceeding the Government’s National Air Quality Strategy objectives and these are under further investigation. Monitoring also provides a good air quality baseline for the proposed improvements and extensions to Truro and surrounding area.

Air quality monitoring has been periodically undertaken in the Falmouth area, particularly around the town centre. Changes made to traffic flow have led to reduced congestion and significant improvements in air quality.

Please click on the links below to view the current Carrick District Council air quality reports.

Tregolls Road continuous monitoring report

Highertown corridor diffusion tube monitoring report

Victoria Square diffusion tube monitoring report

Falmouth diffusion tube monitoring report

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